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Personalised Charms & Pendants


Picture of charm sizes

Mini charm/pendant

Approx 1.3cm at its widest point.

Small charm/pendant

Approx 1.7 - 2cm at its widest point.
As a guide the traditional heart is approx 2cm at its widest point and the Circle is about the size of a 5p coin. Small charms are perfect for babies or young childrens fingerprints.

Medium pendant

Approx 2.5cm depending on the shape.
As a guide the Circle is about the size of a 1p coin and the traditional heart is approx 2.5cm at its widest point.

Large pendant

Approx 3cm at the widest point


Mini charm/pendant

Circle, Square, Traditional Heart.

Small and Medium charms:-

Circle, Square, Traditional Heart, Teardrop, Wavy Heart, Oval, Flower

Large charm:-

Traditional Heart, Teardrop, Wavy Heart, Oval

The circle and Oval shapes have most space and accommodate the maximum number of letters. Mini Masterpiece, Kiss and Paw Print charms are best suited to the circle or oval shape.


Picture of charm fittings

From Left to Right:-

Jump Ring: As standard
Split Ring: + £2.00
Pandora Style: + £10.00
Lobster Clasp: + £5.00

Designs and Prices:-

Fingerprints Little Hand & Footprints Mini Masterpieces Kisses Paws
Mini:- - £45 - £45 £45
Small:- £45 £55 £55 £55 £55
Medium:- £55 £65 £65 £65 £65
Large:- £65 £75 £75 £75 £75

Engraving and Additions:-

Charms can be personalized with a name which is hand engraved and included in the price. The number of letters that can be accommodated depends on the size of the fingerprint or image and the charm shape you choose. If the name you require does not fit on the front, we will put this on the back. Additional engraving eg a date of birth or sentiment such as "Happy Birthday" is charged at 50p per additional letter.

Charms look great with beads and tags added. See our Beads & Additions section for details.

Multiple Fingerprints - £10 per extra print

For those of you who want to capture more than one print on a single piece, this is your perfect solution!

Available on a large size Oval, Traditional Heart, Circle, Square and Dog Tag. Approx 3cm at the widest point. two fingerprints may fit om a medium sized pendant however the prints are likely to come off the edges.

Alternatively take a look at the Necklaces section for double or triple descending necklaces or why not have two individual charms on a chain.

Cut Out Charms - prices start at £45

These unique charms are cut to shape by hand and are available for hand and footprints and also mini masterpieces. Size will vary according to design. The hand and footprint cut out charms are our smallest charm and therefore engraving of an initial or short name is only available on the back of the charm. These are a perfect size for the Pandora style bracelets. The Cut Out Masterpieces can be larger and are usually a pendant size.

Picture of Silver Cut Out Charms