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Cufflinks are a perfect and truly unique gift for a lucky Daddy, Grandad, Uncle, boyfriend or husband!

The cufflink fronts are made from 99.9% pure silver and are a chunky 2mm thick, measuring approx 1.5-2cm depending on shape. They are completely handcrafted to your specific requirements and can be hand engraved with a name or short message on either the front or back. Cufflink backs are 92.5% sterling silver.

Shapes available:- Circle, Square, Oval

Cufflinks can be personalized with a name which is hand engraved and included in the price. The number of letters that can be accommodated depends on the size of the fingerprint or image and the cufflink shape you choose. Additional engraving eg a date of birth or sentiment such as "Happy Birthday" is charged at 50p per additional letter.

Fingerprint Cufflinks - £100

Hand or Footprint Cufflinks

If you have 2 children you could have a different fingerprint on each cufflink. Alternatively with one child you could have the same print on both cufflinks. Or why not have a fingerprint on one and writing on the other. For example a name, date or short message such as ‘I love Daddy’.

Words can be engraved on the back but please note we cannot engrave over the back of the fingerprint so short words only!

Little Hand & Footprint Cufflinks - £110

Hand and Footprint Cufflinks

These cufflinks are sure to get admiring glances. You could have a hand on one cufflink and a foot on the other, 1 hand or footprint on each cufflink, engraving on one with a name, date of birth or short message or 2 hands and 2 feet. The choice is yours! (Please bear in mind that 2 hands or 2 feet on a single cufflink will not have as much clarity as a single hand or foot)

See our ‘Little Hand and Footprints’ section to find out more about how this is done and the other items in the range.

Mini Masterpiece Cufflinks - £110

Artwork Cufflinks

These cufflinks will be worn with pride! Your little ones masterpiece will be shrunk and cast in pure silver. You can have a picture on one cufflink and a message or name on the second cufflink or 2 pictures. Go to our ‘Mini Masterpiece’ section to find out more about how this is done and what sort of picture works best.

Kiss Cufflinks - £110

Kiss Cufflinks

These cufflinks are perfect as a unique romantic gesture for the one you love. Perfect for weddings, anniversaries or just as a great present!

Your actual kiss mark will be miniaturised and cast in pure silver. You could have a kiss on each cufflink or a message or date on one, for example a wedding date or ‘I love you’. This will be a gift to treasure forever! See our ‘Love and Kisses’ section to find out more about how this is done and the other items in the range.

Pet Print Cufflinks - £110

Paw Print Cufflinks

The perfect gift for a pet lover. Capture the paw prints of your furry friend to cherish forever. You can either have the same print on both cufflinks or different prints.

See the Pet Prints section to find out more about how this is done and the other products available in this range.