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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question not answered here feel free to Contact Us!

How do you take prints?


Fingerprints can be taken in one of two ways;

  1. Directly into a material called silver clay.
  2. By post using our simple fingerprint kit. We will send you a pack containing a moulding compound which effectively captures fingerprints. It is safe and very simple to use. Also included in the pack will be instructions, an order form to tell us your specific requirements and a pre-paid envelope to return your fingerprint moulds.

Hand, Footprints and Paw Prints

Hand, footprints and Paw prints are taken using an inkless wipe kit which captures even the very finest detail. The wipes are clean, simple, highly effective and importantly non toxic. They are even used as a safe way of identifying new born babies in hospitals. The inkless wipe kit can be sent out to you in the post with full instructions and you can email a scanned copy of your prints or post a copy back to us. Alternatively if you already have a hand painting we may be able to use this too.

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How well defined will the fingerprints be in the silver?

This is very hard to answer because everyone has a completely different print. Generally the younger a person is the less defined the whorls are. However some young children have very strong prints and we have seen some adults with very weak prints! It completely depends on the individual. Within the print taking pack we send out by post, we include instructions and top tips for getting the best print. If you are not happy with the prints you get in the moulding compound you do not need to proceed with the order and may wish to try again when prints are more defined, or perhaps consider hand and footprint jewellery instead. Similarly if we receive prints and we do not think they will make a good piece we will call you to discuss this before we proceed with your order. Even if there are only a few lines it still captures a precious moment in time and a tiny little imprint!

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What age can you take prints?

Prints can be taken at any age (you don’t have to be a child!). As everyone is different it is hard to state an ideal minimum age to take fingerprints. However the younger a child is the less defined their print is likely to be. As a guide, babies under 4 months may have very shallow prints and the whorls may not be very visible. However you will still have the indent to show how tiny they are and capture a precious moment in time!

Hand and footprints are perfect even from birth!

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Do I have to live in Norwich and meet with you to have prints taken?

No, we can send you everything you need in the post!

For fingerprints this will include a special moulding compound which captures the whorls of the fingerprint and for hand and footprints we will send you an inkless wipe kit. Both are quick, easy and safe. You will receive full instructions and an order form to complete to tell us your specific requirements.

Of course if you would prefer us to take the prints for you just check out our ‘Events’ section to see where we will be, host a party or give us a call to make an appointment.

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Do you host fingerprint/ jewellery parties or attend groups?

Yes. If you’d like to host a Cherished Heart Jewellery Party and live in the Norwich area then please ‘Contact Us’. Parties are a great way to get your friends together and we can host parties in the day time, perhaps at a coffee morning or toddler group for example, or in the evening.

The distance we travel depends on the amount to be ordered. The host will receive 10% of the sales to spend on anything from the Cherished Heart range or a group (toddler group/ nursery etc) will receive a cheque equivalent to 10% of all orders taken. For parties we ask that there be a minimum of 4 people each ordering at least 1 piece each. For Personalised jewellery, we will bring sample pieces and explain the process to help you decide which items you might like. Please note that payment is required on the day of the party.

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How do I place an order?

  1. By phone - Just give Clare a call on 0845 643 0816
  2. Email - Contact us at and we will then get in touch to confirm your requirements and payment options.
  3. Come to one of our Events if you are local to Norwich. Check out the ‘Events’ page to see where we will be.
  4. Host a party - I am very happy to come to toddler groups, coffee mornings or any other gathering and take orders and prints there. Or alternatively why not get a few friends together in the comfort of your own home. Take a look at our ‘Parties’ page for more information.
  5. Book an appointment - Please get in touch to find out more.

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How do I pay?

We accept cash, cheque or you can pay online.

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What timescales do you work to?

Once we receive your order we will aim to send out an impressions kit and order form within 48 hours by 1st class post. Your unique piece of jewellery will be complete approx 3 weeks after the prints have been received. We will let you know once we receive your prints and also when we are about to send your finished piece back to you. If you need your items for a specific date please do let us know and we will do everything we can to achieve this. Please note that during busy periods e.g. Christmas, Fathers Day, Mothers Day, it may take longer to produce items due to the volume received. We do offer an express service for an extra £10. This ensures your piece will be complete at least 2 weeks after prints have been received.

What customisation options are there?

The beauty of bespoke jewellery is that you can have whatever your heart desires! If there is something you would like that is not shown here, please just get in touch and we can discuss your ideas. In terms of engraving, the size of the charm dictates the number of letters available. Common suggestions for engraving are names, dates, birth weights or short messages. If there is insufficient space on the front, this will be engraved on the back.

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Do you offer a bespoke design service?

Yes absolutely! Please get in touch via email - , phone - 0845 643 0816 or via the ‘Contact Us’ page and we can discuss your requirements.

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What materials do you use and are these harmful in any way?

Personalised charms are made from a material called silver clay. It consists of very fine particles of pure reclaimed silver mixed with non toxic organic binders and water. There are no nasty chemicals so it is an extremely safe product to work with and take your precious little ones fingerprint. It starts as a clay like substance that can be shaped and moulded and during firing, the binders are removed and the result is 99.9% pure silver.

The moulding compound used to take fingerprints by post is non toxic. We would suggest you do not let your child play with the compound as it may be a choking hazard.

The inkless wipes which are used to capture hand and footprints are clean, simple, highly effective and importantly non toxic. They are even used as a safe way of identifying new born babies in hospitals. As a matter of cleanliness we would suggest that after taking both fingerprints, hand and footprints that you wash hands and feet.

All findings and fittings such as chains, jump rings and cufflink backs are made from 92.5% sterling silver unless otherwise stated.

We source the best quality beads to complement your jewellery and this includes swarovski crystals and pearls as well as semi precious stones such as rose quartz and amethyst.

For personalised jewellery made from silver clay, please remember that each piece is handmade and silver clay is a softer silver than sterling. Therefore surface variations and imperfections add to the uniqueness of the charm.

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What do you do with the fingerprint moulds and hand or footprints afterwards?

We will keep your casts/prints for approx one year so that if you order again within this time we can work from your originals. At the end of this time we will safely destroy the prints. If you would like the prints back, please just let us know!

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How will my jewellery be packaged?

All jewellery will come packaged beautifully in either a gift box or bag.

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Will jewellery be hallmarked?

In the UK, it is a legal requirement to hallmark silver items weighing over 7.78 grams. Anything under this weight is exempt from the requirement. The majority of Cherished Hearts handmade silver pieces are under this weight unless otherwise stated and so to keep prices competitive we do not hallmark unless a customer requests it. We can arrange hallmarking for you at an additional cost of approx £15 per item and it will take an extra 2 weeks (approx) because your piece will need to be sent away to the Assay office. Please get in touch for more information.

If you do choose to have your silver charm hallmarked it will be stamped 999. This refers to the proportion of silver in parts per thousand. Sterling is stamped 925 because there are nine hundred and twenty five parts of silver per thousand parts. The remaining seventy-five parts are usually copper. The normal process of hallmarking involves a small amount of metal being scraped off and tested. Several punches are then used to mark the item including the purity, the makers mark, the year and which city the mark was struck in.

The sterling silver components such as bracelets are hallmarked 925.

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Are you part of a franchise?

No, we specifically chose to be independently run to allow for greater flexibility and creativity.

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What are your postage costs?

Personalised Jewellery requiring an at home print taking kit (Fingerprint Jewellery, Hand and Footprints, Paw Prints)
£9.50. This price includes 1st class Royal Mail delivery of your print taking kit, a postage paid envelope to return fingerprint moulds and Royal Mail Next Day Special delivery of your finished piece. This ensures delivery by 1pm the next working day and is insured with compensation up to £500.

Personalised Jewellery not requiring a print taking kit (Kiss Prints, Mini Masterpiece or repeat customer where we already have the prints) or taking prints in person at an appointment or event.
£7.00. Your finished piece will be posted by Royal Mail Next Day Special delivery. This ensures delivery by 1pm the next working day and is insured with compensation up to £500.

Personalised Names and Initials Jewellery or Non Personalised Jewellery (beads etc)
Either £7.50 Next Day Special delivery or £4.50 1st class Royal Mail Signed for. Please note that Royal Mail does not insure jewellery that has not been sent by Special Delivery and if you choose this option we cannot be held responsible if the package goes missing.

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Do you offer refunds or cancellations?

If you would like to cancel your order we can offer a full refund providing the impression kit has not already been despatched. You will receive this refund in full within 30 days. If the impression kit has already been despatched, a cancellation charge of £10 will apply to cover admin and the mail order kit. If we have already started work on your order, we regret that the order cannot be cancelled. Each item is made to order by hand and silver clay cannot be re-used once it has been fired.

We are confidant that you will be happy with your purchase and we will do everything to exceed your expectations. We cannot accept returns on bespoke / made to order / personalised orders. The exception to this is the unlikely event that goods are damaged, faulty or we have not supplied the item ordered. Please note it is your responsibility to check the order when making it including any personalisation details and also when receiving the finished item. If we have made a mistake on your order please inform us within 7 days of delivery. You can email us at and we can confirm instructions for returning your item(s).

Distance Selling - By law customers have the right to cancel a contract at any time up to 7 working days after the day of delivery. Some types of good are exempt from this right to cancel and this includes personalised and made to order items. If returning non personalised / made to order goods, the customer is responsible for the costs incurred in returning them unless the goods are faulty or have been supplied in error.

Returns on non personalised / made to order items must be made within 21 days of the date of purchase. Refunds or exchanges will not be processed until the item has been returned. Please contact us by email if you wish to make a return

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How do you protect data?

We understand that your personal details are very important and we do not share information with third parties unless required to do so by law or required as part of taking payment with your preferred payment method.

We will hold your fingerprint moulds/ hand and footprints for approx 1 year in case you wish to order from us again and we can then re-use your prints. They will be stored safely and then destroyed thoroughly at the end of this time. If you wish to have your prints back or you do not wish for us to store them, please just let us know.

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How do I look after my jewellery?

Silver jewellery can be cleaned with an impregnated polish cloth to keep it nice and shiny. Avoid the jewellery coming into contact with chemicals such as chlorine or cleaning chemicals as this may damage or mark the piece. Pure silver is softer than sterling silver and so it will naturally mark and age over time. If you can keep it in the box or bag when it is not being worn this will avoid it rubbing against other jewellery and becoming scratched in any way.

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