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Fingerprint Jewellery

The cherished heart fingerprint range captures a unique fingerprint and preserves it in pure solid silver. Both children's and adults fingerprints can be captured and names, initials or short messages can be hand engraved for extra personalisation.

Made from 99.9% silver, every piece is completely bespoke and handcrafted to your specific requirements. A gorgeous selection of sterling silver jewellery and fittings as well as beautiful beads have been carefully sourced to best complement your piece.

A truly unique gift for any occasion and a perfect way to treasure those first impressions and keep them close to your heart forever.

The range includes individual charms, necklaces, bracelets, cufflinks, dog tags, keyrings and bookmarks.

Fingerprint Charm

How it works:-

All pieces are handcrafted using silver clay. It consists of very fine particles of pure reclaimed silver mixed with non toxic organic binders and water. There are no nasty chemicals so it is an extremely safe product to work with and take your precious little ones fingerprints. It starts as a clay like substance that can be shaped and moulded and during firing, the binders are removed and the result is 99.9% pure silver.

Fingerprints can be taken in one of two ways;

  1. Directly into a material called silver clay
  2. By post using our simple fingerprint kit. Your kit will include fingerprint moulding compound, full instructions and an order form so you can tell us your specific requirements. The process of taking fingerprints is very simple and quick - you can even take prints while your child is asleep. We will send you all the tips you need in your pack! Then you just pop your prints in the pre-paid envelope and send it back to our studio where we will start working on your piece! There is no extra charge for the fingerprint kit.

As everyone is different it is hard to state an ideal minimum age for taking prints however the younger a child is the less defined their print is likely to be. As a guide, babies under 4 months may have very shallow prints and the whorls may not be very visible. However you will still have the indent to show how tiny they are and capture a precious moment in time!