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Little Hand and Footprints

Little Hand and Footprint jewellery captures your precious little ones handprints and footprints, miniaturises them and preserves them in a silver keepsake to treasure forever.

This is ideal from the earliest age and prints can be taken from birth.

Made from 99.9% silver, every piece is completely bespoke and handcrafted to your specific requirements. One hand or foot or two hands and feet can be captured, the choice is yours! We would suggest a single hand or foot for the small charms as the smaller the image is, the more detail is lost. Names, initials or short messages can be hand engraved for extra personalisation and every piece is hand polished.

A gorgeous selection of sterling silver jewellery and fittings as well as beautiful beads have been carefully sourced to best complement your piece.

A truly unique gift for any occasion and a perfect way to treasure those first impressions and keep them close to your heart always.

The range includes individual charms, necklaces, bracelets, cufflinks, dog tags, keyrings and bookmarks.

Hands and Footprint embossed charms

How it works:-

Hand and footprints are taken using an inkless wipe kit which captures even the very finest detail. The wipes are clean, simple, highly effective and importantly non toxic. They are even used as a safe way of identifying new born babies in hospitals.

The inkless wipe kit can be sent out to you in the post with full instructions and you can email a scanned copy of your prints or post a copy back to us. Then with a little bit of magic, we will miniaturise your prints and start creating your unique piece of silver jewellery.

Alternatively if you already have a prints you wish to use, we may be able to use this too.

There is no extra charge for the print taking kit. Additional kits can be purchased for £4.50.