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The Process

First of all you need to decide what type of keepsake you would like - fingerprint jewellery, little hand or footprints, mini masterpieces or one of our other ranges. Then decide which item you would like - a charm on it’s own, with a bracelet, necklace, cufflinks or one of our other great products. Have a browse around the website for ideas or come and see us to look at some examples. The possibilities are endless and just because something is not on the website doesn’t mean we can’t make it!

Then just get in touch to place your order! See How to Order.

When we receive your order we will send you a pack which contains everything you will need to take prints. This will include instructions and an order form to tell us your specific requirements. The process is clean, very quick and easy.

Taking Prints


Fingerprints can be taken in one of two ways:

  1. Directly into a material called silver clay. For more information about silver clay see FAQs
  2. By post using our simple fingerprint kit. We will send you a pack containing a moulding compound which effectively captures fingerprints. It is safe and very simple to use. Also included in the pack will be instructions, an order form to tell us your specific requirements and a pre-paid envelope to return your fingerprint moulds.

Prints can be taken at any age (you don’t have to be a child!). As everyone is different it is hard to state an ideal minimum age however the younger a child is the less defined their print is likely to be. As a guide, babies under 4 months may have very shallow prints and the whorls may not be very visible. However you will still have the indent to show how tiny they are and capture a precious moment in time!

Hand, Footprints and Paw Prints

Handprint Jewellery

Hand, footprints and Paw prints are taken using an inkless wipe kit which captures even the very finest detail. The wipes are clean, simple, highly effective and importantly non toxic. They are even used as a safe way of identifying new born babies in hospitals. The inkless wipe kit can be sent out to you in the post with full instructions and you can email a scanned copy of your prints back to us or post a copy. Emailing it to us is a great option as it will save time so we can start working on your piece straight away and it also means no creases in the paper which may be visible on your keepsake! Alternatively if you already have a hand painting we may be able to use this too, although some detail may be lost.

Hand and Footprint jewellery is perfect even for newborns.

Mini Masterpieces

Mini Masterpiece Jewellery

Pictures that work best for keepsake jewellery are:-